The 8th Tactical Group

Welcome to The 8th Tactical Group

The 8th Tactical Group is a tactical gaming community committed to teamwork, cooperation, having a good ole time, and most importantly, camaraderie. Our primary game is Arma 3. In addition to Arma 3  we play other games together like Squad, Elite: Dangerous, Rocket League, and numerous other games that we enjoy.

Currently we conduct an Arma 3 operation every Saturday starting at 8:00 P.M. EST on our server (server info is located in the forums here).  Our Arma 3 missions are designed by our community members and we always welcome new mission designers, no matter the experience level.

The 8th Tactical Group is about having a good time, being apart of something bigger than yourself, and working to achieve the highest levels of teamwork/cooperation possible in our sessions. We take members through our own custom training sessions to teach new members our SOP’s and TTP’s.

While the 8th Tactical Group is currently a small community, we are constantly on the lookout for likeminded individuals who want to participate in team oriented gameplay. You can also check out our media page to see images and videos of the group in action.

The 8th Tactical Group uses a variety of mods.  Currently we have one “collection” pack which contains all the core mods that we use.  The “core” pack contains CBA A3, Enhanced Movement Mod, Customized ACE 3, Specfor Gear , Shacktac Hud, VSM Accessories, and Task Force Arrowhead Radio, as of 07-23-16.  You need to download the core pack and install it into your Arma 3 root directory folder.  If you need assistance installing the mods please speak with Kyle.


KyleJTown – President

PK? – Vice President

Widestduke – Sergeant at Arms

Fear – Sergeant at Arms

Seven – Sergeant at Arms